How Apartment Building Management Software Supports Serviced Apartments

graphic representation of apartment building management software

The options for a home away from home just keep growing. Hotels, hostels and guest houses used to be the norm for all kinds of travellers. Then Airbnb disrupted the space. Now co-living and serviced apartments offer an even better choice for travellers. And apartment building management software enhances them further for tenants and building managers.

Whether you’re travelling for work, moving cities or heading off on an extended break, your choice of accommodation matters. For shorter stays, a hotel or Airbnb may be just what you need. But what happens if you’re moving cities, temporarily relocating for work or just planning for a longer break than usual? Serviced or managed apartments are the answer. And they’re springing up in cities all over the world.

What are serviced apartments?

Serviced apartments combine the best of hotel rooms with the best bits of flat living. That means you’re likely to get regular housekeeping services, and access to shared facilities like a gym or swimming pool along with the space and functionality of a flat. Bedding and towels are included and you’ll be able to prepare your own meals in the kitchen and keep up with your laundry too.

Serviced apartments are ideal if you’re planning to stay away from home for a month or more. Business professionals who need accommodation for extended work trips, travellers enjoying long city breaks and even students relocating for their studies might choose a serviced apartment over a hotel, hostel or student halls.

What are managed apartments?

Managed apartments are a little different to serviced apartments. They’re sold and rented as permanent homes rather than temporary lets. Managed apartments often have similar amenities to serviced apartments – shared facilities like gyms, swimming pools and secure entry systems are usual. The key difference is the length of stay and furnishings. Residents provide the furnishings and also take care of the day-to-day needs of their apartments.

Managed apartments also use apartment building management software for residents. This enables them to book the shared facilities, communicate with their building management team and even swap, share and sell items with neighbours in a secure, local marketplace.

Some managed apartments are available on platforms like Airbnb, but the length of your stay may be curtailed. However, there’s also a grey area. Some managed apartments are let as serviced apartments so temporary residents live alongside permanent residents. It depends on the building committee’s policies.

In the case of an apartment building with some apartments being used as permanent homes and others being rented through a platform such as Airbnb, apartment building management software becomes invaluable. The software can track short-term let apartments with specific labelling. Building managers can create guest profiles that make it simple for guests to book and access shared facilities. Short-stay apartments can even be grouped together making communication with guests and building management teams smooth and efficient.

What are co-living apartments?

Co-living apartments fit between the managed apartments and serviced apartments. And as the name suggests, you’ll be sharing space with others. These are becoming a common option for remote workers and students looking for accommodation away from home while they work or study. The co-living arrangement reduces the expense of a typical serviced apartment while still delivering the convenience of a serviced apartment.

Co-living apartments can include housekeeping for shared areas and rooms. You’ll have your own bedroom but share the kitchen, laundry, dining and lounge areas with flatmates vetted by the building manager.

Apartment building management software is often still used to allow tenants to make use of the apartment building’s amenities. And of course, if anything goes wrong, it’s the perfect way to get in touch with building managers too.

Apartment building management software

Apartment building management software smooths the way for better communication between building managers and their residents – whether they are temporary or permanent. The software interface centralises communications, records requests and makes it easy for tenants to book access to shared facilities or access concierge services. 

The same software makes life easier for building managers too. They’re easily able to keep track of their tenants requests and stay on top of regular building maintenance duties. That ensures the property maintenance remains at a high standard. When long-term homes sit alongside shorter-term lets, building managers can label and group apartments together for easier identification, communication and management.

Apartment building management software enables a higher level of convenience for all kinds of tenants, both short and long-term. That enhances their stay and provides a simpler way for building managers to create an experience that keeps tenants coming back. Want to learn more? Get in touch to arrange a bespoke demonstration of BuildingLink’s software for your apartment building.