The 5 Best Proptech Solutions for Multi-Family Buildings

A white residential building with balconies with a blue sky background. Buildings like these often incorporate proptech solutions

Owners’ committee life can be overwhelming. But proptech, short for property technology, streamlines tasks to give your time back. Proptech solutions are digital devices for simplifying property and building management. From communication apps to financial dashboards, fancy smart home gadgets and streamlined facilities booking systems, proptech is a technology toolbox for making buildings and property management run smoother.

Read on to learn more about proptech and the types of technology included in this term. We’ll explore different solutions available to owner’s committees, residents and managers of multi-family buildings in Australia. Proptech saves you time, money, and maybe even a few headaches!

Progressing from paperwork to proptech

Traditionally, managing a building meant endless paperwork, excel sheets, and chasing down late maintenance requests with a constant stream of phone calls and emails. Proptech for building management flips the script!

BuildingLink’s tools streamline communication with residents, create secure spaces for virtual discussions and document storage as well as automating repetitive tasks like collecting fees or sending notices. Owner’s committees can finally ditch the paper chase and focus on strategic planning for the building’s future.

Residents benefit too with user-friendly apps that make everything from booking amenities to submitting maintenance requests a cinch. Building managers enjoy efficient work order management, preventive maintenance scheduling, and easier communication with residents and committee members within the app. Proptech solutions like BuildingLink can also serve as a central solution which other smart systems integrate with to create a clever technology ecosystem.

Beyond building management: Expanding your proptech toolbox

BuildingLink is just one example of how proptech can revolutionize building management. But clever proptech integrations can further enhance buildings:

  • Access Control: Proptech solutions like SALTO Systems integrate with building management software, allowing residents to use smartphone apps for secure access. At last, you can kiss the hassle of issuing and managing physical keys goodbye!
  • Smart Home Integration: Imagine a building where residents can control thermostats, lighting, or even collect parcels from smart lockers directly through their building management app. Proptech integrations with smart home technologies can create a more convenient and energy-efficient living experience.
  • Resident Engagement: Proptech can foster a stronger sense of community within your building. Resident portals can facilitate social events, discussions, and surveys, fostering a more connected and vibrant building environment.
  • Predictive Maintenance: Imagine being able to anticipate potential issues with your building’s equipment before major problems occur. Proptech solutions using IoT sensors for predictive maintenance can integrate with building systems (like HVAC or elevators) to monitor performance and predict maintenance needs. When combined with routine checks and preventative maintenance measures, these devices save owner’s committees money on repairs and prevent inconvenient disruptions for residents.
  • Sustainability Management: Proptech can help buildings become more environmentally friendly. Similar to IoT sensors for preventative maintenance, tiny sensors can also track energy and water consumption. This allows committees to identify areas for improvement and implement sustainable practices.

Residents can be empowered to monitor their usage and play their part in creating an eco-friendly building environment with similar technology, like smart metres. Through greater awareness of how we use resources, it becomes easier to make adjustments, use less, and use what we have wisely.

Proptech is a broad term for some of the most exciting and cutting-edge technologies available today. When these technologies are integrated with a central building management system, truly smart buildings and communities are well within our reach. BuildingLink are working to build an ecosystem of smart technology partners allowing our clients to create bespoke solutions for their communities. Book a demo to see how your community can enjoy greater ease and convenience with proptech.