Why Building Management Software Support Makes a Difference to Building Management Teams

Building management software support worker providing support over the phone

Have you ever wondered why software packages work well in some organisations yet other businesses in the same space just can’t seem to reap the rewards? In many cases, it’s not the software. It’s not even the people. It’s the support people are given to create the seamless integration between the software, an organization’s goals and their data. This is as true of building management software support as any other software support you can imagine.

It’s because people are driving your business forward. Give them the training, skills and support they need to get the job done well and you’re setting yourself up for success. Abandon any one of these and you’re attracting failure.

We understand this at BuildingLink, which is why we put so much time and effort into building management software support. We do this with stellar tutorial clips, online training, chat support and email guidance. Not just when you begin your subscription but all the way through your time with us.

Our customer services training and support team is with you every step of the way when you use our software. We know that’s the best way to ensure you make savings for your business, build a committed building management team, a happy community, and make the most of all of your resources – not just our software.

Why ongoing Building Management Software support matters

Of course, initial training in your BMS, or any other software for that matter, is important. Learning the basics provides the foundation needed for new solutions to be implemented across your business. But we all forget things.

A two-day training course on a new digital solution will stay fresh in users’ minds for a week – if you’re lucky. Over time, our memories weaken. The biggest drop in retaining new information happens soon after we’ve learned something new. That’s the Ebbinghaus effect or the forgetting curve coming into play.

Spaced learning, putting in extra effort to learn something new, and understanding the value and benefits of learning that thing can slow the rate at which we forget things. So ongoing BMS support and bite-sized training are essential for your building management team to get the most from digital solutions.

Different types of Building Management Software support

Not only do we forget things, we learn things better in some formats than others. Add to that the way you feel when you learn something also plays a role and it’s clear that a wider variety of learning opportunities will serve your business better. Training you can access when you need it and are ready to use it, is even better.

So what is BMS training and what does great support look like? There’s no single answer to this. Stellar support is multifaceted and BMS training should include multiple touchpoints for users.

Online training sessions

This is a really good way to get everybody on your building management team off to a solid start. We’ve been offering online training for our clients since we launched BuildingLink International and we’ve refined our session to perfection. We cover the overall purpose of our digital solution and get into the daily and not-so-regular aspects of how to use the software. People can ask questions, and bounce ideas off each other. And it’s a great way to develop team connections because people learn together.

One of the great things about online training is the instantaneous availability. Because no one needs to travel it can be delivered at short notice. We’re even able to provide online training on the same day you ask for it!

Chat support

When you can’t quite remember how to do a specific task and need help quickly, chat support is ideal. It’s quick and easy-to-understand support that gets you where you need to go. The best bit is you can use it as often as you like, whenever it’s needed.

Phone and email support

Some people are audio learners, others take things in better by reading and writing. Phone and email support caters to these types of learners best. If a less-used report needs to be run for a building, phone and email support are great options for building management team members. Each person can choose what’s best for them.


Trying to stuff too much into your brain just means big parts of it fall out faster! Microlearning is a great way to refresh yourself on less-used features. Or even learn things slowly, over time. Our BMS support comes with ready-made tutorial clips about specific actions and areas of our solution. When you need a little more, we’ll put together a bespoke training clip to show you exactly how to nut something out and make the most of the software you’ve chosen.

When you support your building management teams with the right building management software support, you’ll get better results. Not just for your management team, but also for the communities they take care of, and your business. You’ll retain your best talent with greater ease, realise greater savings from streamlined processes and get the most from your building’s resources. Looking for a software solution that comes with top-notch support? Get in touch with us today.