2 Great Ideas for Creative Uses of BuildingLink’s Custom App

Man using a customised app

We’re continually working to make BuildingLink better for residents, building and strata managers, and developers too. The latest work on the resident’s customised app streamlines functionality. It’s embedded convenience at the core and allows for customisation beyond simple pictures.

Two of our Melbourne clients have taken the new customisation capabilities of our resident’s app to create something truly beautiful. Combining our streamlined functionality with their own bold branding, these clients have extended their contemporary living experiences to the digital space.

Saint Moritz customised app for St. Kilda beachfront residences

The Saint Moritz customised app

Saint Moritz has been created by the Gurner Group to conjure an extraordinary living experience for their residents. The residential apartments offer luxury living that’s beyond your wildest dreams. All serviced by a team of dedicated staff and backed with cutting-edge technology.

We’ve teamed up with Saint Moritz on the Esplanade in St. Kilda to extend their luxury offering online. Residents are able to manage day-to-day needs, book wellness treatments and arrange private cars. All that and more with just a few clicks and swipes of the BuildingLink customised app. The seamless transition from ultimate luxury to incredible online ease has never been as smooth.

Residents simply need to download their Saint Moritz app from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store. Within seconds, they can begin enjoying the convenience, connection and customisable communication the resident’s customised app offers.

Introducing 17 Spring St by Cbus property

17 Spring St customised app

Combining old-world splendour with contemporary convenience is at the heart of 17 Spring Street residential development. Teaming up with Cbus to deliver the best of both worlds, BuildingLink’s customised app lets residents find harmony between the stately surroundings and cutting-edge technology. All are carefully in balance to support their needs.

Residents enjoy the ease of having all their day-to-day dealings in a single online space that’s just as luxurious as home. From booking the many building amenities to communicating swiftly and easily with their management team, life feels easy with all their surroundings having to offer a mere swipe and click away.

The 17 Spring Street customised app is simple to download from Apple’s App Store or Google Play for Android users.

By customising BuildingLink’s resident app, these developers have created a luxurious experience for residents that extends from their physical surroundings to the digital world. Not only does this strengthen the brand, personalise connections and improve the ease of living, it supports community well-being from the very beginning. Interested in creating a luxurious experience for your residents? Get in touch to arrange a bespoke demo of our solution today.