Interview with BuildingLink’s Sales Administrator, Donna Hale

Donna Hale - Sales Team Administrator

Both behind the scenes and beside our clients, everyone at BuildingLink works hard to deliver excellent support and quality solutions for building managers, strata managers and residents. The newest member of our team, Donna Hale isn’t any different. She’s excited about working with a leading proptech business and helping clients to be their best.

Donna has taken some time out of her busy schedule to let us know what it’s like working as part of the Sales team and where she thinks BuildingLink is headed.

Thanks for taking some time to speak with us today, Donna. Can you tell us a little bit about your role at BuildingLink?

Thanks, it’s nice to spend some time reflecting on my work and the great people I work with! I’m part of the Sales Team and responsible for the administrative side of sales. I manage customer enquiries, keep the Customer Relationship Management system up to date and make sure new clients are passed on to the Customer Services and Training team without any hitches.

I also enjoy a bit of creativity with my role too putting together bespoke presentations for interested prospects and preparing proposals and agreements when they’re ready to start using the system.

What attracted you to the Sales Administration role with BuildingLink?

The software solution BuildingLink has created and continues to develop really interested me. I could see how it benefits community living spaces and I wanted to be a part of that kind of innovation.

My days are really varied, more so than many other sales admin roles, which is another thing I value about my new position. There’s never a dull moment and my days are full with organising presentations, putting together proposals and following up with interested clients. It’s a great mix of creativity and working as a part of a tight team.

What do you like most about working with BuildingLink?

That’s easy – it has to be the people! The entire team are really fun to work with, they’re knowledgable, hardworking, helpful and supportive too. They make workdays fun and nothing feels impossible because there’s always help available from the rest of the team if you need it.

Can you share with us a few highlights of working with BuildingLink?

One of the most enjoyable parts of my job is getting to help people and make their lives easier. BuildingLink does this for everyone in the community. It’s not just the building managers or the strata managers, but the residents and committee members too. It feels good to be able to help people and make their lives better.

What do you think about BuildingLink’s software and where they are headed?

The modulised system works really well and I have a few favourite parts of the software. The maintenance module is one. That’s because it takes the pain out of one of the most frustrating parts of community living. Reporting and tracking maintenance requests is also easy and fast. It lets people get on with the things they enjoy instead of worrying about leaky taps or other small issues.

BuildingLink’s system is fantastic in terms of community management too. I think they’re leading the space by pulling together the communication aspects of community management with the maintenance and day-to-day management aspects. Not all systems do this effectively. BuildingLink takes the headache out of community management and saves everyone time and money.

Who inspires you and what makes you smile?

It would have to be my Dad. His work ethos is second to none and he manages difficult challenges and people with aplomb. His ability to relate to people from all walks of life is inspiring.

I love pilates and morning walks when the world is still quite or just waking up. The beach is one of my favourite places. Nothing beats a BBQ with friends or a long lazy lunch that finishes with a trip to the movies!