3 Management Site Tutorials to Keep Your Building Management on Track

Often, the less-used settings and functions of the software we use daily are quickly forgotten. When there’s no one around to ask, finding a quick reminder can fast become a big problem. Rather than let jobs go undone, our management site tutorials let building and strata managers stay on track with their day.

Everyone needs small reminders every now and then. That’s how we learn and transfer new actions from our working memory to our long-term memory. Each of our tutorials takes less than five minutes to watch and shows building managers exactly what they need to do to get small jobs done fast. 

By repeating small tasks, and reviewing instructions for new actions and processes that aren’t used daily, we eventually store that information in our brains. It takes longer to do this for tasks that aren’t repeated quite so often, simply because there is less repetition.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the tasks building and strata managers need to complete on a less regular basis.

Managing announcements in BuildingLink

Notifying residents of building activities is an important but irregular task for building managers. Creating new announcements, updating older announcements and cancelling redundant announcements is a function that’s available to users with management and security authority.

Announcements can be shared on BuildingLink screens and Premium Living Media screens. Buildings may have policies in place for the types of announcements that can be shared on each of these screens. However, the process for managing announcements remains the same.


Management Site Tutorial for creating monthly building activity reports

The very nature of monthly activity reports means building and strata managers are more likely to forget how to create these. Building activity reports are an excellent way to understand how your building’s systems and amenities are being maintained.
Building activity reports include all relevant details about specific maintenance and building care activities. Activities that are detailed in the report are grouped according to the category they fall into. For example, gardening and grounds work will show separately from electrical or plumbing work.


Amenity settings management site tutorial

Setting up new amenities and amenity groups within BuildingLink is a task that is done early on and only revisited when new amenities are added to the property. Because of this, building and strata managers may never have had reason to perform this task before. Even if they have, it is unlikely that it’s a task that has been repeated often enough to become second nature.

The management site tutorial for amenity settings quickly demonstrates how to create and categorise building amenities. The 5-minute tutorial can be watched and paused as managers follow the instructions in their own system. Of course, if you’re still stumped, our friendly customer service team will be happy to help you!

Some of the best help we can have when learning (or remembering) how to complete tasks with the software we use daily is a quick and visual reminder of where to click. That’s why our management site tutorials take a step-by-step approach to completing various tasks with a friendly voice-over to accompany the visual on-screen steps.

You can find more tutorials for our management site software on our website. Please contact us to request any specific clips you’d like to see added to the library!