3 Reasons Your Community Will Love Our My Parcel Locker Integration

Woman using parcel locker integration outside her building

Don’t you love the anticipation of waiting for an online order to arrive? But when the parcel doesn’t arrive, or worse, it gets lost, excitement turns to annoyance. Unfortunately, it’s a common occurrence in large buildings. Our latest parcel locker integration puts that situation to rest.

We’ve partnered with one of Australia’s best Parcel Locker and Mailbox System providers to increase the security, convenience and delivery of all packages. Building Managers love it because it reduces interruptions to their day. Residents love it too because their parcels can be collected when they’re ready.

So how does it work? Read on for the low down on My Parcel Locker’s integration with BuildingLink.

Parcel locker integration for residential buildings

My Parcel Locker installs sleek and secure delivery solutions all over Australia. Lockers come in multiple sizes and can be customised to suit the building decor. Locker options can also include refrigerated sections for grocery and cold parcel deliveries. Once the lockers are installed, their touch-free solution is integrated with BuildingLink’s software.

When a delivery driver arrives to drop off a parcel, the central integrated parcel locker delivery point is easy to find. Drivers can select the appropriate sized locker using their delivery app. Once the parcel is stowed, a notification is sent to the resident’s smartphone with a link. Residents simply click the link to display a QR code. This code gets scanned at the lockers and the right door pops open so the parcel can be collected! It’s as simple as that!

Three reasons to love centralised delivery points for residential buildings

By integrating My Parcel Locker’s technology with BuildingLink, we make it easier for couriers, building managers and residents to enjoy seamless deliveries at any time of day. But that’s not the only reason it is loved…

#1 Resident security and convenience

In large buildings, it’s not uncommon for mail and parcel deliveries to go missing. Couriers and even Australia Post can have difficulty figuring out where to leave mail. Parcel locker integrations make it simple for everyone with a secure and convenient delivery location.

Here’s what one resident said about the BuildingLink and My Parcel Locker integration.

“We’ve had parcel lockers installed in our building for a year now. It’s been a game-changer. Australia Post and courier companies all know where to deliver parcels. I pick up my deliveries when I’m ready, which is perfect for my unpredictable work hours. The added security of the lockers means I’m not stressed about things going missing.”

#2 Giving building managers more time in their day

From regular inspections to keeping the community notified of events, issues and updates, there’s a lot to occupy a building manager throughout the day. Interruptions only serve to break concentration and make their days longer. Time is precious when you have hundreds of people relying on you. Our integration with My Parcel Lockers reduces those interruptions because couriers and delivery drivers can drop their parcels and packages securely without needing special access passes or directions.

#3 Streamlining the delivery process

When delivery drivers can’t find the right door or postbox to drop a parcel off, taking it back to the post office is easier. Central delivery points like parcel locker integrations stop all the mucking about so building management teams aren’t needlessly interrupted, and residents get their parcels on time. It’s a simple solution that lets everyone get on with their day. What’s not to like about that?

Creating smart buildings with technology partners

By working with leading technology partners in the proptech space, we’re making it easier for buildings to become smarter. The communities within enjoy greater convenience, better security and more time to do the things they love. With BuildingLink at the heart of your community, it’s easy to get more done without frustration or wasted time. Book a demo with us today to find out how we can help you get more done.