The Best Day Ever for Managers: Introducing BuildingLink’s Management Company Dashboard

BuildingLink management company dashboard maintenance view

Does your building management company take care of more than one building? When you’re managing a portfolio of properties you can lose hours each week jumping between platforms used to manage different buildings. Comparing data across a portfolio, checking contractor compliance and a host of other daily activities from different management company dashboards is a frustrating way to work. And it costs you money as well as time.

Taking care of multiple properties from a single, streamlined platform makes life easier, work processes faster and building managers’ days simpler. That’s why our management company dashboard is such a hit with building managers and the building management companies they work for. They can flit from one building to another in seconds. Gathering information needed to keep things running smoothly is quick and easy. We’ve even removed the need for doubling up on data entry – something sure to make any building manager smile!

A quick overview of our Management Company Dashboard

Keeping on top of maintenance requests, managing employees, making sure contractors are registered, and compliant, and receiving your work requests is all in a day’s work when you’re a building manager. Our management company dashboard lets you do all of this from a single digital portal.

When it’s time to zoom in on the details of a building, it’s a matter of a few clicks and you’re there. Need to get back out for a birds-eye perspective of managing a particular portfolio? It’s equally quick and simple.

One of the best-loved elements of the management company dashboard is the ability to add new employees and contractors once and share them across the buildings they work for. Not only that, but you can track compliance, add and update documentation and send work requests in seconds!

Contractor compliance

Keeping on top of all the paperwork that goes along with approved contractors can be tough – particularly when they service more than one of a management company’s buildings. Tracking back through different management company dashboards leaves room for errors, not to mention eating into a building manager’s precious time!

BuildingLink management company dashboard contractor management and building analytics views

Our management company dashboard centralises storage for contractor compliance documentation, sharing it across all of the buildings they service. Building managers can set up notifications and reminders to prompt contractors for renewed certifications so you never find yourself caught short.

Contacting contractors and following up on maintenance workflows

As new contractors begin working with your management company and others fall away, updating the central contractor directory is simple. Just add the contractor’s details once, and click the buildings they’re assigned to receive work orders for.

This simple action creates links from the central directory to the buildings you manage. Employees at that building will be able to send work orders and maintenance requests in a few clicks. You’ll be able to get in touch easily to make sure work is on track, thanks to the easy-to-find details!

Our Management Company Dashboard simplifies workflows, gives transparency across your portfolio of buildings and stops building managers from losing time by doubling up on tasks. It’s a better way to work – smarter, not harder. Contact one of our team to learn more about the Management Company Dashboard or try it out for yourself today!