How BuildingLink Makes It Easier To Close Property Deals

Real estate agent and home buyers shaking hands to agree property deals

Buying a home is a huge investment. It takes an average of 30 days to sell a property. This length of time can stretch in the lead-up to Christmas. December and January are typically regarded as the hardest months for selling property. That goes for houses, apartments and flats too. So how do you close property deals at Christmas?

Around Christmas and New Year, many people’s minds are on other purchases. But not everyone’s is. Many real estate agents and property developers believe it’s this time of year when the quality of buyers improves. These buyers know what they want and they’re working to get it, despite the rush to find the perfect gifts.

Build trust to close property deals

Although the quality of buyers may be better, closing property deals at Christmas time isn’t a walk in the park. Estate agents and developers still need to ensure a seamless and smooth relationship. That’s because when people buy a home, they’re not just buying property. Regardless of the time of year, buyers are investing in their future, a community and a long-held dream.

It’s not just the price tag that makes property such a huge investment. The emotional element is a big factor too. Property is one of the biggest purchases anyone can make. And when it comes to big-ticket purchases, trust is a top priority.

There are seven ways to build trust when selling property. Actively listening, proactively delivering value, being available for questions and respecting your buyer’s time are just a few important ways to do this. While BuildingLink can’t help you listen better, we can help with adding value and saving your buyer (and you) time.

Adding value with BuildingLink’s branded app

Property is more than bricks, mortar, sparkling glass and steel. It’s also dreams, community, convenience and a future. BuildingLink’s branded app lets developers show potential buyers what life feels like in their building.

From a single portal, potential buyers can experience the convenience of a new development or multi-unit building. With beautiful digital sales brochures to final handover documents, buyers enjoy the convenience and value you’re creating while getting a taste of the dream you’re inviting them to invest in. It sets the stage for the smooth pre-settlement and handover process.

Integrations with smart building technologies such as Groundfloor’s smart locker solutions or Salto’s clever access systems add further value and convenience to your building. Choosing Premium Living Media for display screens engages residents and invites them to become active members of the community they’ve invested in, creating further value for the property and residents.

Saving time with seamless connections

Time is money, so the saying goes. But it’s not true. Time is more valuable than money. We only have a finite amount of it. We can’t buy more, no matter how much we’re willing to pay. Using your buyer’s time wisely and not wasting a second also builds trust.

Having everything a buyer needs to make a decision about their property purchase available at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen saves them time (and you money). From virtual tours to all documentation, digital branding can smooth the buying process, bringing you closer to closing the deal, faster.

BuildingLink’s management system enhances convenience once residents move in too. The resident’s app puts facility bookings, exclusive access to local offers and services, and communication with the building’s management team at buyers’ fingertips. Showcasing your seamless accessibility to the community along with the physical qualities of the building makes interested buyers keen to progress the sale.

Close with the solution

Bringing buyers’ dreams of community, connection and a cosy home to their fingertips, makes them eager to grab it with both hands. Buying a home or even an investment property is easier when you can see, feel and touch exactly what it is you’re getting. Signing on the dotted line becomes a simple choice.

BuildingLink’s system works for multiple stages of your development. From the construction phase when timely updates are crucial for remaining on budget to managing defects, keys, communication and the asset; we’re with you every step of the way. Not only is that great for saving you time and money, it’s another string in your bow when it’s time to attract buyers.

People buy more than property, they buy buildings that house their dreams. BuildingLink makes it easier for those dreams to come to life. That makes it easier for real estate agents and developers to close their sales — even at Christmas time. Get in touch for a free demonstration today.