Building Management Insights From 2023 and 3 Trends to Watch

Woman lying on a couch reading building management insights to the future on a smartphone

2023 has given us some of the most surprising advances in technology to date. From ChatGPT to advancements in green technologies, the future seems closer than ever before. Technology is reshaping building management too. Imagine seamlessly unifying systems, enhancing sustainability, and simplifying life for yourself and your residents. Building management insights from 2023 are showing strong trends toward better communication, convenience and energy-saving solutions.

Now is the time to transform your approach, save time, and delight your community. Join us to explore how the latest innovations can enhance your building management journey.

Seamless integration for smart building management insights

This year the building management landscape has been evolving like never before. Integrated systems have emerged as the game-changers, streamlining processes and making building management more efficient. Honeywell’s work with Link Alliance in Auckland is just one example of this.

The essence of integrated building management is the seamless communication of a range of technologies through a single control system. From door access to HVAC controls it’s not only about convenience; it’s about turning your building into an intelligent, responsive entity. And one that supports the community within it to live securely, healthily and sustainably.

At the core of much of this transformation is the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT-enabled devices and sensors scattered throughout a building can collect data on everything from temperature and occupancy levels to energy consumption. This data is then funneled into an integrated control system. That provides building managers with real-time insights into their building’s performance.

Future-proofing your building

Integrated systems and IoT technology are more than a trend or buzzword. They’re a strategic move for the future. As the world becomes increasingly interconnected, buildings that can adapt and respond intelligently to changing conditions will stand out. Not only does this enhance resident satisfaction, but it also positions your building as a leader in sustainability and efficiency, making it an attractive place for property investors and owners alike.

Decarbonization and renewable energy

A second transformative force driving changes in building management is the drive towards decarbonization and the rise of renewable energy technologies. Political and commercial will are aligning behind a carbon-neutral future

There is no denying that buildings are significant contributors to carbon emissions. This year, we saw a confident shift towards sustainability. One of the most exciting changes has been the uptick in renewable energy sources. Solar panels, wind turbines, and other green energy solutions are adorning rooftops and facades, powering buildings to reduce their carbon footprint.

Building management software is part of this transformation. With advanced software solutions, property managers can monitor energy consumption in real-time. That lets them identify areas for optimisation, and make data-driven decisions to reduce waste without impacting quality of life for residents.

Sustainable buildings aren’t just eco-friendly; they’re also cost-effective and efficient. Whether it’s retrofitting existing buildings with energy-efficient technology or building and managing with a greener approach, 2023 has been a definite step towards a cleaner future.

Enhancing resident’s convenience

Finally, 2023 has been the year of the rise in technological advancements aimed at making life easier and more enjoyable for those within the community. Both residents and building management teams have benefited from this development. Software that supports healthier lifestyle choices such as easy bookings of gym and pool facilities and secure keyless entry for communal areas are gaining traction, particularly in Build-to-Rent (BTR) communities.

Smart lockers get even smarter

Imagine you’ve ordered your favorite meal for delivery, but get stuck in a meeting before you can take the delivery. This year’s solution is as simple as it is ingenious. Heated food lockers, like those introduced in Melbourne, are revolutionizing how residents receive their deliveries. Temperature-controlled tech-powered lockers that keep your food warm or cool, secure, and accessible with the tap of an app are surely just a few more months away. 

Seamless communication, whichever way you like it

Another way technology is enhancing convenience is through improved communication channels. Advanced building management software not only optimises energy usage but also fosters better communication between residents and management teams. Need a repair? Want to book a common area? With a few taps on your smartphone, you’ll connect with building management effortlessly. It’s like having a dedicated concierge in your pocket.

2023 is all about personalization and communication is part of that too. Building management software can set resident preferences for staying in touch and on top of everything you need to know, whether that’s via SMS, email or the giant public display board in your building’s lobby.

Convenience also extends to security. With advanced access control systems integrated into building management software, residents can enjoy the convenience of keyless entry. No more fumbling for keys; your smartphone is your access pass. Plus, residents and management teams can monitor their apartment security in real-time, enhancing peace of mind.

Trends to extend beyond 2023

This year has been marked by innovations that prioritise the convenience and well-being of residents as well as the health of our planet. From heated food lockers to seamless communication and personalised experiences, the future of building management is all about making life easier and more enjoyable for everyone in the community. It’s a trend you can expect to see extending well into 2024, and beyond.

Building management software is the key to unlocking these benefits. It’s not just about efficient energy usage; it’s about creating connected, comfortable, and secure living spaces. Are you ready to embrace these innovations and provide your residents with the convenience they deserve? Book a demonstration to explore how your community can keep evolving in this landscape of building management technology.