What’s in a Name? An Honest Interview With BuildingLink Asia Pacific’s CEO

Property development, investment and proptech are changing fast. Technology, new stressors for the sector, and new expectations from residents and home buyers are driving many of these developments. To keep well ahead of the proptech pack, BuildingLink International is changing too. We’ve switched our name to BuildingLink Asia Pacific.

With our name change comes a change of focus — we’ve got a steady gaze on the Australian and Asia Pacific markets. That’s because our part of the world is leaping ahead with how homes are made, lived in and shared. We’ll use the benefit of lessons learned in other parts of the world – Europe, the UK and North America – to smooth the way ahead. We’re implementing a stronger feedback loop between our development team and the people using our software.

We’re creating a building management system that is regionalised for clients and customisable in ways that make residents glad their homes are managed with BuildingLink software. Niall Marshall, BuildingLink Asia Pacific’s CEO speaks with us about what’s ahead for the business, our clients, and the industry.

An investment in Australia’s future of proptech

A $15 million investment in BuildingLink Asia Pacific has already begun. We’re enhancing the look, feel, and ease of use along with the ability to regionalise for each market and customise for clients’ buildings.

“BuildingLink was an originator in proptech, and traditionally, we’ve concentrated on function over aesthetics. The current investment into BuildingLink Asia Pacific covers the User Experience, and the ability to regionalise and customise more within the software.”

Customers are already experiencing the benefits of this investment in the updated user interfaces for the manager dashboard, maintenance module, send email, and building calendar – just to name a few.

Reliance on technology, and more specifically, smartphone apps, is a key driver behind the investment, development, and renewed focus on Australia and the Asia Pacific regions for BuildingLink. Over 80% of all Australians over the age of 18 have a smartphone. And we use them for almost everything, from paying your way to collaborating with colleagues, accessing documents or ordering meals. It’s convenient, but it’s also compromising.

The Australian Cyber Security Center (ACSC) recorded a 23% increase in reports of cybercrime in 2022-23. The traditional vulnerabilities of building management software, apps and the richness of information held by these systems make them ripe for attack. Staying well ahead is crucial for keeping the communities BuildingLink supports safe and secure. Niall elaborates on the investment into bolstering our security.

“The investment has also meant that we’re able to strengthen our security capabilities. We’ve made a 400% increase in our Security Ops Team. Sure, it’s a back-of-house, rarely-seen development, but it ensures the stability of the system and the high-level security we’re well known for. Ultimately, the data held in BuildingLink belongs to the client and their community, so ensuring its security on behalf of them is our top priority.” says Niall.

Putting more power in your pocket

Smartphone and app use is ubiquitous. And use is going to increase rather than decline. The innovations we’re making are in response to our users. The switch to BuildingLink Asia Pacific means we can be regionally user-centric.

“When it comes to investing in enhancements, BuildingLink Asia Pacific will be market-driven. We’re looking at the types of things the market is after.

“One example is our recent access control integration. We can now provide keyless entry to buildings. Give contractors access after hours, and have an automatically expiring digital key for visitors. Without forfeiting security. We’re delivering services that people want in their buildings and the types of things that make life easy for them. We’re putting all that at their fingertips.”

These types of integrations will be front and centre. They’re innovations Australians are looking for. Thanks to the changes in our business, we’ll be able to deliver them quickly, comprehensively and securely.  With this being said, exciting updates to the resident app are going to shortly be released.  This update is a direct response to the wants and needs of our client base, with the end user experience always at the forefront of what we do.

Australia leading the way for BuildingLink Asia Pacific

Australian policy, trade and investment have a significant influence in the Asia Pacific region. From setting investment rules to economic cooperation and support for legal and regulatory reforms, many of the practices and procedures for the sector originate in Australia. There’s a huge connection between both areas, and influence can go both ways.

“There will be developments tailored to the priorities of the local market, but the key to our changing business is always our end user – regionalising our offering, and making sure people get what they need, want, and ask for,” says Niall.

Whichever way you look at it, the $15 million investment accompanying the change to BuildingLink Asia Pacific is exciting. The developments are already rolling ahead. Those that are sure to come about from the stronger and tighter feedback loop between the company and clients will propel BuildingLink further ahead of the proptech pack. Book a free demonstration with us today to get in on the action.