Living the good life: The role building apps play in creating the perfect Australian home

Resident apartment building using smart building management apps to improve the quality of life for residents.

The contemporary Australian dream embraces community, convenience and connectivity. Today, more of us are choosing apartment living over the classic suburban house on a quarter-acre block. It’s a change that’s been building momentum over the past decade.

Today, more than 2.5 million Aussies live happily in apartments supporting the lifestyles we’re famous for around the world – laid-back, convenient and convivial. Smart building management apps enhance and support this shift while opening the door to a world of possibilities.

Home sweet home

The shift in our expectations and living patterns has also seen the rise of apps, like BuildingLink with SALTO, that make apartment living even more convenient and enjoyable.

Joe Marshall, VP Asia Pacific for BuildingLink explains. “The heartland of apartment living is New York, and that’s where BuildingLink started their journey of developing property and resident management software, back in 1999. We learned what developers, building managers and residents want from their buildings and created a sophisticated software app that makes operating a building more efficient and living in it even more enjoyable. So much so, that our app is now used by over 2.1 million residents in over 7000 buildings worldwide.”

Salto and BuildingLink building management app.
BuildingLink has had a presence in Australia since 2011, bringing a little more sweetness to the perfect Australian home with our easy-to-use building app. To date, 250,000 residents in over 1000 buildings around the country enjoy greater convenience, connection and easy living with our support. These residents are primarily in the build-to-sell sector, but over the last few years, the build-to-rent (BTR) sector has also seen rapid growth.

The BuildingLink app has a rich suite of functionality, further enhanced by our collaboration with SALTO, a leader in smart access control.

Smart building apps in action

Building management apps provide an additional layer of convenience, connectivity and value for residents, building management teams and developers too.

“The combined BuildingLink and SALTO app is one of the drawcards at Arklife Robertson Lane and Cienna Varsity Ridge – both are dedicated build-to-rent developments, with apartments and facilities including gym, pool, residents’ lounge, cafés, rooftop, and barbecue areas, as well as community events. All resident interaction with the facilities and the building managers is via the SALTO/BuildingLink app, which has helped to create thriving communities.”

The BuildingLink/SALTO app is a highlight of life at Cienna Varsity Ridge

Adding value for all with a smart building app

“Apps like BuildingLink with SALTO are helping to drive down building management costs for developers and building managers. They can manage the building much more efficiently – with full visibility and audit trails, and without paperwork and time-consuming manual processes. There is also evidence that higher rents can be sustained, and tenants are more readily attracted to buildings with smart management apps and they stay for longer too.

“For residents, it’s all about lifestyle, convenience, security and community. Residents feel good about where they live. They can interact with the building facilities, the building managers and their neighbours, all through a single, simple BuildingLink/SALTO app on their phone. It’s apartment living at its very best,” Joe explains.

Creating a smart building management app ecosystem for your building boosts the quality of life for residents and improves processes for developers and their management teams. Get in touch today to see how we can enhance your development.