Three Top Turn-Offs for Residents in Apartment Buildings

Happy building manager because she's avoided the top resident turn-offs

Some things are almost guaranteed to ruin your day; like no hot water when it’s your turn to shower. Someone parked in your reserved spot. Or your favourite coffee shop closing for renovations. Feeling your frustration rise is no fun, and it’s the same for your residents too. Some things building managers do (or don’t do) just put residents in a bad mood. Avoiding top resident turn-offs leads to happier communities and easier days for building managers.

In many cases, technology can help smooth frayed nerves. BuildingLink makes building manager’s communication with residents easier. It smooths maintenance issues. It can keep your community smiling – even when things don’t quite run to plan. Take a look at these three top resident turn-offs and how BuildingLink can make them a thing of the past.

#1 Top turn-off for residents: Not knowing who their management team are

We’re more likely to respect and like people we know, that means knowing their names. This simple piece of information plays a massive role in our happiness, feeling of connection and accountability. It influences how we perceive our interactions and management teams. It’s easier to disregard the opinions, feedback and directions of nameless managers, building team members, and neighbours.

J. Turner’s research paper How to Ride the Wave, shows residents who know the names of their management team members are happier than those who don’t. Giving the people taking care of your community a name to go with their faces improves resident satisfaction and accountability. It means residents know who to speak to when they need help.

BuildingLink’s customisable email and SMS templates can include staff member’s names. Not only that, the Building directory provides a place team member’s details can be included. This keeps residents informed and can act as a gentle introduction to each team member. After all, building management teams know the names of residents, it’s only fair to return the courtesy!

#2 Poor communication

We’ve said it once and we know we’ll say it again. Clear and concise communication is the glue that holds your community together. In the same How to Ride the Wave report, poor communication was the second turn-off for residents. Not hearing from building managers about their maintenance requests, never getting an invite to community get-togethers, or only learning that the lift is out of order when a sign is pinned to the doors are BIG turn-offs.

BuildingLink’s communications tools are second to none. This makes it simple for building managers to get in touch with residents about what matters when it matters. Streamlined communication makes residents happier, whether it’s an email update about maintenance work or a quick SMS invite to the resident BBQ. Clear communication matters, particularly when things don’t go to plan.

#3 Maintenance issues that aren’t dealt with

A dripping tap or leaking shower from the apartment above yours, whatever the issue, it needs to be dealt with quickly. Some repairs take time, and that’s OK (see resident’s top turn-off #2!). When the repair process is visible and moving in the right direction, residents have more patience and understanding. No one wants to live in a shabby building with a laundry list of waiting repairs.

BuildingLink streamlines maintenance requests and empowers residents to keep track too. Allowing residents to lodge requests with photos and descriptions means building managers can easily get the ball rolling. Automated workflows with approved contractors help repairs to be completed promptly. Updates to residents are part of that process too. That keeps everyone on the right side of happy!

It’s easy to think residents’ top turn-offs are poor facilities or rising rents. But the truth is, when tenants choose to live in a community, the quality of the community matters. Knowing people’s names, clear communication, and timely attention to maintenance issues all stack up to make the biggest impact on whether a tenant decides to stay or look for pastures new. Schedule a free demo with us today to see how we can put a stop to your top resident turn-offs.