Interview with BuildingLink’s Customer Service and Training consultant, Bel Martin

Bel Martin our newest Customer Service and Training team member

The relationships we build with our clients help us deliver the best building management solution possible. Their feedback, questions and solutions they find with our software help guide our ideas for further development. They are as essential to our business as the people and software that support their building and strata management.

An essential part of these relationships is our Customer Service Team. Their hard work and client collaborations have allowed us to develop BuildingLink’s software into the leading proptech solution that it is today. Bel Martin joins us today to talk about life with our Customer Service team.

Thanks for joining us today, Bel. It’s great to have the chance to learn more about you and what you do here at BuildingLink. Let’s start by introducing you properly! Thanks! I’m the newest member of the BuildingLink Customer Support team, joining them in June 2023. I assist our clients when they need help, and I’ll also be providing training for our users.

In the last five months, you’ve become a valued member of the team. What initially attracted you to the customer service role with BuildingLink? It was a few things, first of all, the work-life balance is great. Since COVID-19, work-life balance has become so important for lots of people, myself included, and BuildingLink really allows you to do your work but also have time to do things that are important to you outside of work. And the team are really friendly and supportive.

On top of that, I get to tackle a new challenge: training people on our building management software. I’ve never had that chance before and I’m loving the new opportunity to expand my skill set.

What does a typical day at BuildingLink look like for you? If the waves are right, I start my day with a surf. After that work begins. Usually, there are emails from customers to respond to or I work to build a new site for clients.

I’m working through the training element of my role, so as the weeks go by, training clients on our building management software will become another part of my typical day. On my lunch break, I get a few things done around the house or go for another paddle if the surf is good. Then I am back online to help more clients with their needs or work on team projects like creating new video tutorials in the afternoon.

Is there an aspect of BuildingLink’s software or the service they deliver that you think works really well for clients, and if so, what is it? The client training we provide is very beneficial. When new users, in particular, know the product and understand how to use it, they engage more with BuildingLink. That helps to create a positive feedback loop so we can keep getting better at what we do and help our more too. It also makes the service more personable, so clients feel connected to the people in the team.

So, what do you think the future looks like for property management software and where BuildingLink fit in with that? With many more highrises being built to address the housing shortages, building management is definitely key. And with the world moving into a paperless environment with technology at the forefront, it’s important that BuildingLink continues evolving to be that one tool a property relies on so can managers for efficiently run those buildings.

And finally, give us a peek into what makes you tick outside of work and the people who inspire you. Surfing is a big passion for me, I surf a lot. I also plan to get back to photography and travel more next year. As for inspiring people, Lou is an inspiration thanks to her patience, knowledge and approachable nature.