Groundfloor Integration With BuildingLink Gives Time Back to Building Managers

Woman collecting parcale from Grondfloor lockers with a smart phone

Do you ever get an uninterrupted day to work when you’re a building manager? Continual interruptions become just another frustrating part of the job when you’re juggling so many responsibilities. And when Christmas or other big events occur, those interruptions become more frequent and last longer. It can make overseeing maintenance work, preparing reports and negotiating with new contractors an uphill battle. Our Groundfloor integration is about to put those interruptions to rest!

We understand how difficult it can be to manage your time as a building manager when your phone keeps ringing or delivery drivers keep breaking the flow of your day with parcels and sign-offs that need your immediate attention. That’s why you’ll love our newest partnership with Groundfloor parcel lockers!

GroundFloor Integration to streamline your building’s deliveries

Groundfloor has a range of secure, stylish and different-sized lockers, so residents can now receive packages without stealing the building manager’s time.

Touchless delivery and collection allow parcels to be dropped off securely, and recorded with unique digital signatures for couriers. Residents receive automatic SMS confirmation of the package’s arrival and a personal code to retrieve it from their building’s lockers. It’s a simple, secure and seamless way of giving building managers back their time. It improves residents’ satisfaction with their building too.

Groundfloor’s clever parcel locker solution integrates snugly and securely with our trusted building management solution.  It creates the ultimate concierge for your building. Even when you’re waiting for your own office supplies, you’ll be able to carry on with your building management tasks without interruption!

A clean, green parcel delivery solution

Groundfloor is committed to reducing their – and your – carbon footprint with their parcel delivery lockers. Their lockers use renewable energy sources, and they partner with sustainable delivery companies too!

It’s not just standard parcels that can be delivered with the Groundfloor integration either. Temperature-sensitive deliveries like Hello Fresh’s Meal Kits and freshly laundered dry cleaning are securely stowed in Groundfloor’s lockers so they’re ready to collect when residents are ready.

Couriers, delivery drivers and online sellers love the parcel delivery solution our Groundfloor integration provides too. Having a standard delivery point for a multiunit development reduces their last-mile delivery costs by creating an easy-to-find and central delivery location for your building.

The groundfloor integration with our building management software is a win-win for building managers, residents and delivery companies. Get in touch to find out how to claim more of your day back with our Groundfloor integration!