The Best BuildingLink Update Yet: A Game-Changer for Property Management

BuildingLink update image of a tablet on digital screen background

Keeping our place as a leader in the proptech space for building management means moving with the times. Not only that but BuildingLink updates and improvements need to be the kind of developments that enhance your life. To do that, we listen to your feedback and use it to develop our software in the directions that support you best.

Last year, we began a modernisation project that brings together your suggestions and feedback into a comprehensive plan. Now we’re updating our software in ways that support you better. Easier navigation through the platform, new user interfaces with user-focused designs and a refreshed look and feel we’ve backed with the powerful functionality you’ve grown to love. Let’s dive into the BuildingLink updates we’ve already released!

BuildingLink update for concise calendar convenience

BuildingLink’s update to the calendar module makes it easier to organise 2024! The cleaner layout makes it simple to set up categories for your community. You can create recurring events like exercise classes in the building’s gym, and share events from the calendar on your building’s public display.

If this year is the one you’ll get organised and stay that way, you’ll love the update to this module. Residents will love it too! Having simple access to the things that are going on in their community means they’re more likely to take part. Building-wide events are one of the ways to bring residents together. It creates the kind of community people want to be part of.

BuildingLink’s pet registry gets some pampering

Pets are our best friends and part of the family! Adding pets to your resident profile means management notes include them too. Whether you’re welcoming a playful puppy, cute kitten, or re-homing a rescue pet that’s claimed your heart, adding them to your resident profile is simpler! Including your furry friend in apartment details only takes a few clicks and swipes. That means their birthday, favourite things and vaccination dates are never forgotten.

Example of the new pet registry view in the BuildingLink update

BuildingLink update makes front desk instructions simple

The Front Desk module update allows you to record instructions and notes about specific units with just a few clicks. It’s the perfect way to let management teams know the days your cleaner gives your apartment their signature sparkle, or that friends need access to the building on a specific date.

Front Desk staff and management teams can quickly and easily check instructions by selecting the Unit Overview screen. Updating instructions is as easy as clicking ‘Edit Instructions’ and recording the necessary details. It’s a simple, secure and transparent way of communicating your needs to building management. You can learn more about this update on the FDI Update help page.

Example of the new front desk instruction view after the buildinglink update

If you have any questions about using the updated Calendar, Pet Registry or Front Desk Instruction modules,  just drop us a line. We’re always happy to help.

We’re always listening to you and working out ways we can use your feedback and suggestions to make BuildingLink updates better. Every comment and criticism helps to keep our spot as the leader in the proptech space for building management solutions. Thanks for helping us make BuildingLink the best building management solution in Australia!