See the Things That Matter: Buildinglink’s Property IQ Integration

Resident checking levy payments on Property IQ integrations with BuildingLink

Managing the finances of a multi-occupancy building can be tough. Collecting levies, rates, building utility and management costs can be time-consuming. But it’s crucial work — those are the funds that grease the wheels of your community and keep things running smoothly. Accountancy software for building management makes that task a little easier. That’s why you’ll love our Property IQ integration.

Our technology partnership with PropertyIQ means these capabilities fit snuggly with BuildingLink’s building management software. Property IQ allows strata managers and committee members to see levy payments for community members at a glance. This simplifies the management of payments so modern real estate management is easier and faster. 

Save time and money with BuildingLink’s Property IQ integration

Our one-way integration means you can view transactions for your building and each apartment in seconds. It’s not just time you’ll save either. This software synchronicity cuts down on costly errors. It enables teams to spot discrepancies before they become problems and speeds up data-driven decision making.

This enhances the transparency of payments and makes spotting late payees easier too. Depending on how the integration is set up, owner’s committee members can check financial details that assist them with their duties too.

By integrating Property IQ with BuildingLink, management teams add another layer of information and transparency to their workflows. Rather than flicking between systems and losing hours each week navigating tech, teams can get more done in one place. That reduces frustration along with administrative overheads.

Work smarter, not harder

Clever integrations add value to your community and our Property IQ integration is no different. It makes strata management tasks simpler for your team. It gives you secure access to crucial information from anywhere. And it puts more power for account management at your fingertips.

View of Property IQ spreadsheets and financial data

Software integrations are at the heart of smart buildings. It’s why we’re working with other brilliant technology businesses like SALTO Systems, Groundfloor Lockers, and Premium Living Media. These partnerships deliver value along with convenience, simplicity and ease.

People used to say “time is money”, but that’s not true. Time is more valuable than money. Our technology integrations are putting you back in control of your most valuable asset — time. By simplifying workflows, creating greater visibility of what matters to you most, and never sacrificing your security in the process, we’re proud to give you more of your day.